Where I Stand

My Coaching and Consulting Stance:

On a fundamental level, I believe that people want to connect: to one another, to meaningful work, to ideas, to purpose, and to ourselves. I coach people to joyfully connect with what’s most important to them, in service of creating a more just, equitable world.

The metaphor I use to describe my coaching is dancing. As your coach, I’m your dance partner, and our relationship is dynamic and fluid. Sometimes I lead, sometimes you do. We both bring unique perspectives and experiences to the dance, and our connection wouldn’t be the same without them. Together, we create something beautiful that’s greater than our individual selves.

My Intention for My Clients:

I want my clients to be seen. I want them to feel heard, understood, and valued. I want them to see their brilliance, and to see doors where previously, there were only walls. I want them to alight: to descend, to land on solid ground, and to be alight: aflame, incandescent, luminous, on fire. And I want them to bend the moral arc of the universe towards justice, in big ways and small ones, every day of their lives.

My Commitments:

I am committed to building and strengthening beloved communities.

I commit to honoring and respecting the cultural and historical context that my clients bring with them to our work. I will name systemic inequality and oppression when they need to be named. I will continue to notice where my privilege shows up, and continue to work on mitigating its negative effects.

I believe that if we want to be effective and holistic, we must embrace the intersections of our various and varied identities. And I know that this is complicated, but worth it.

I am deeply committed to pursuing justice in all its forms.

I trust in my clients’ wisdom, self-knowledge, and ability to act in their own best interest. I believe in their wholeness, worthiness, and good-exactly-as-they-are-ness, while also striving to do better.

I will support my clients relentlessly.