Why Consulting?

I’ve spent the last 10 years working for nonprofit organizations and schools, directly serving youth and their communities. During that time, I built relationships with brilliant, resilient young people and their supporters (their families, teachers, and other service providers), and I learned an incredible amount about what humans need not only to survive, but to thrive, in challenging circumstances. I loved what I did, even on the hardest days (and there were many of those days).

My professional experience has shown me that – surprise! – all that glitters is not gold. I’ve witnessed organizational dysfunction, broken systems, and nonexistent communication. I’ve sat through painfully uninformative trainings and drawn out, unnecessary meetings. I’ve worked with consultants who purported to walk on water, while mysteriously having little to no experience in the areas they were consulting on. Folks, I am not about that life. I consult on what I know, from a place of deep curiosity and empathy, and with a laser-like focus on determining what needs to shift. Just like in my coaching practice, I believe that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution; I’ll lean heavily on your knowledge when I offer strategies and make recommendations.

I would be happy to consult on:

  • Writing / editing projects: Words are my friends; typos, my enemies.

  • Curriculum (re)design: Especially nontraditional, experiential, outside-the-classroom curriculum – the more inventive, the better.

  • Facilitation training and support: There is nothing I appreciate more than a well-run meeting or training. Let me do it for you, or show you how.

  • Systems / infrastructure redesign: I find the gaps and missing pieces. It would be annoying if it weren’t so useful.

  • Youth program-specific tasks: Program (re)design, retention strategies, embedding a trauma-informed approach, incorporating authentic youth voice.

  • Project management: Long or short-term, personal or professional.

  • Conference / event planning: Big or small, from name tags to event flow, I’ve got you.

I’m based in Oakland / Alameda, but am happy to work remotely. Please contact me for rates.