Upcoming Events

Wanna get coffee?

Would you like to to connect and go deeper on topics around white allyship, in real time? Join me and Tamir, my podcast co-host and dear friend, for a biweekly In It Together Coffee Break. Every other Wednesday, we’ll hop on Zoom for about thirty minutes and talk with one another about a topic related to anti-racism, over coffee. We might focus on something that’s gotten media attention, an article we’ve read, or simply a question one of us has been mulling over. We won’t have a script: it’ll be a casual conversation between friends, sharing whatever comes up for us at that moment, riffing off of one another’s thoughts and questions.

The best part about Coffee Breaks? You can come too! We’d love for you to join us on Zoom while we talk and contribute to the conversation. If you’re at work or otherwise have your hands full, feel free to listen to us in the background while you do your thing (participation isn’t mandatory). We’ll be happy to have you take part however you can.

We meet every other Wednesday at 12 pm Pacific starting March 8th — let us know you’re coming below!

Image description: Coffee beans scattered across a white background. Courtesy of Norwood Themes on Unsplash!

Past Events

In honor of the 7th annual National Day of Racial Healing, I’ll be facilitating a free, virtual, public conversation around how white people can contribute to racial healing. Register here!