“Tamir and Alison are having honest conversations about allyship that we really need. There are so many offerings around allyship that just blame and shame white people. Tamir and Alison set that to the side and get specific about the ways white people can show up better for the long haul. I’m a fan, and I recommend this podcast to anyone who’s looking for a healthy, guilt-free way to confront their privilege and act in solidarity with communities of color.” — KG

As a woman of color who has been working towards equity and justice for a long time, finding resources for white allies (and accomplices) can be a challenge. While there are plenty of educational materials out there, there are far fewer resources that lead by example and provide guidance around how white people should show up once they have a firm grounding and education in issues of racism, equity and justice. In It Together: A Podcast for White Allies is a guide, exploration, resource and source of support for those who want to be in right community and stand next to people of color as we try to shift systems and make transformational change. It goes beyond fragility, fear, and silence to support active collaboration, authentic humanity, and humility in this work. I recommend it to white friends, colleagues and others all the time!” — RG

“THANK GOD for this podcast! Finally someone is talking about this stuff!” — JJ

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